Madrid, Spain
10 September 2014

Joy De Asis has been living in Madrid for 13 years now. She came to Madrid when her mother asked her to go in the country to work with her. She worked at a Taiwanese factory for two years and transferred to a bar where she worked for four years, before she met her husband and got pregnant with their first child.
It was not easy for Joy and her husband to work for a living and take care of their child at the same time. She decided to stop working in the restaurant and looked for a job that will suit her schedule instead. When the economic crisis in Spain began and they had their second child, it became harder for Joy to find a better job with higher salary until she thought of putting up a small business of her own.
After ten years in Spain, Joy built her own bakery since she has the background in baking, which was eventually turned into a mini restaurant where she sells Filipino food aside from cakes and pastries. It was perseverance and determination that made Joy fulfill her dreams for herself and for her family.

*  *  *