Ventamilla, Peru
November 13, 2016

Ma. Conception ‘Conchita’ Fernandez-Calero, a Filipina ‘mestiza’ born and raised in Manila, shared how her active involvement in Neocatechumenal Missionary saved her marriage to Spanish husband, Juan Ignacio Gutierrez Villa.

A few years into their marriage, the couple’s relationship had turned sour and they were considering getting a divorce. However, Conchita decided to take a different route and engaged herself to ecclesiastical activities. Her husband, Juan, soon joined her, which in the end saved their marriage.

With Jesus at the center of their married life, the couple decided to join the Neocatechumenal Way Family Missionary in 2008, where they were assigned to serve in Peru. The family moved to Lima and has since then been actively involved in various ecclesiastical activities, advocating post-baptismal formations to adults in the outskirt towns of Lima.

* * *