Auckland, New Zealand
19 October 2012


Dr Antonio (Tony) Fernando is a multi-awarded doctor who received various citations from different organizations including a few from the University of Auckland, one of the top 50 medical schools in the world. He has won the most prestigious award in the faculty, the Butland Award for Sustained Teaching Excellence in 2008. Every year, he is awarded by his students for his engaging, humorous and personable teaching style. In 2011 alone he was awarded with six awards, one of the most numerous ever awarded to a single teacher in one year.

Dr Fernando is also a pioneer in using technology for teaching psychiatry where he developed teaching software called PATS (Psychiatry Assessment and Teaching Software) which is used by medical students not just in New Zealand but also in the Philippines, Australia and prestigious medical schools in the US including Harvard, and Johns Hopkins University.

Recently, he developed the website ( which is publicly accessed (free) to educate all medical students in the world about psychiatry. This is the first ever website based medical education platform of this calibre and quality in Psychiatry. He is also the only psychiatrist in NZ and Australia with sub-specialty training in Sleep Medicine where he established the first ever insomnia medicine clinic in New Zealand that sees the most complicated insomnia cases from the whole country as well as overseas. At present, he is the most sought after teacher/ lecturer in insomnia diagnosis and treatment, going over to Australia many times during the year to provide workshops.

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