Busan, South Korea
November 23, 2019

Anna Lissa Bahay went to South Korea in December 1996. An advocate who fights for the migrants’ rights in South Korea, she has been a part of the World Human Rights Cities Forum. She also wrote a book on minority empowerment and served as a presenter to the forum.

She worked as a counselor at the Emergency Support Center for Migrant Women 1577-1366 of the Women’s Human Rights Institute of Korea. Currently, she works as a counselor at the Multi-Cultural Family Integration Center of the Korean Institute for Healthy Family.

She is also an active member of the Gwangju-Jeonnam Filipino Community (GJFC) where she takes part in various activities of the organization. GJFC provides social, spiritual, and entertainment activities for the Filipino community in Gwangju. It also offers services such as medical, translation and legal assistance, among others, for the Filipinos.

* * *