Tokyo, Japan
May 27, 2019

Ana Margarita Teodoro, who started as a model and cultural dance choreographer, now works as a legal assistant in a law firm in Shizuoka, Japan. After serving her term as the leader of the first Filipino community organization in Shizuoka, Teodoro established the Association of Pinoy Volunteers for Assistance (APiVA) where she is currently serving as its president.

Carrying the motto, ‘Plant a seed of good deed wherever you are,’ APiVA is an association of Filipino and Japanese on-call volunteers who are helping the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines in Japan with its consular missions and outreach programs, and assisting the displaced Filipinos in Japan as well as those who are in need of assistance such as interpreters and translators.

Relative to the Participation of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to the 25th International Conference on the Future of Asia in Tokyo, Teodoro is hoping that the forum will serve as an avenue for every invited leader to talk on the regional issues and policies for the betterment of Asia. She also thanked the President for his leadership and efforts in lifting the lives of every Filipino.

“We are so proud too that you are trying to pull us up and you are trying to help us to become a better country. And as the father of our nation, I really hope for the best for you,” she said.

* * *