SMX Convention Center, Pasay City
19 September 2012


President Benigno S. Aquino III graced the opening of the International Contact Center Conference and Expo 2012 held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. The two-day event has the theme “2020: The Future of Outsourcing.”

In his message, the President lauded the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry for its unparalleled success in the Philippines when it surpassed India as the number one contact center destination in October 2010.

“These are the fruits of our labors for the BPO industry: $11 billion dollars in revenue, and the creation of 113,000 more jobs in 2011 alone, for a total of 638,000 Filipinos employed in 2011. In both revenue and direct employment, the BPO industry has posted increases of more than 20 percent. And let’s not forget the multiplier effect (2.5 indirect jobs for every direct job created), which means that the BPO industry was also responsible for 1.6 million indirect jobs last year (low ratio estimate),” President Aquino said.

The President also challenged the BPO industry to maintain its number one status and continuously adapt to the ever-changing landscape in its sector, such as the steadily increasing demand for knowledge process outsourcing. “From financial services to creative processes such as games and animation, which, for that matter, signifies the creative strengths of the Filipino and an exciting frontier for all of us. Today, we must contend with strengthening our capacity for voice BPO services, while moving the value chain and providing more specialized forms of service,” he added.

For this year, the industry has increased its growth target from 15% to 19% that will translate to the creation of 493,000 jobs and the generation of $8.4 billion dollars.

“We want your industry to achieve, and even surpass, the estimated 2016 figures of $25 billion dollars in revenue and direct employment of 1.3 million Filipinos. These figures do not just mean great things for our economy and your businesses; they mean great things for our people,” President Aquino stated.

*  *  *