Manila Hotel
November 4, 2016

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte served as the guest of honor and keynote speaker in the 10th Regional Convention of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines’ (IBP) Greater Manila Chapter at the Manila Hotel.

In his message, the President expressed his gratitude to the IBP for inviting him to its convention and giving him the privilege to speak in front of his fellow lawyers. He said that he does not usually accept invitations within Metro Manila as it causes traffic once his convoy travels, but since the audience belongs to the profession closest to his heart, he obliged to attend their event. At the same time, he also extended an invitation for them to visit him in Malacañan Palace.

He discussed the enormity of illegal drugs throughout the country, saying that the number of drug addicts is about to reach the four million mark by the end of the year. And with the involvement of a high number of government officials, police, and military in the illegal drug trade, narco politics now exists in the country. Thus, he emphasized that his administration’s war against illegal drugs will not stop.

Likewise, he mentioned his other campaign promise of stopping corruption in government and cited the dismissal of several policemen involved in the extortion of tourists.

President Duterte tackled his fervent desire for the realization of federalism in the country, stating that the nation would greatly benefit once it shifts to a federal form of government.

He also highlighted the ongoing peace talks with the communists and the Moro people, saying that it is time to stop the four decades of fighting and prevent further violence and loss of lives among Filipinos.

Around 200 IBP officers and members from the Greater Manila Chapter attended the convention with the theme, “Raising the Integrity of Bar and Law Practice: A Commitment to Justice and the Rule of Law.”

*  *  *