Palapag, Northern Samar
July 14, 2023 

“With the opening of this road and its bridges, the development of Northern Samar’s rich agricultural lands and bountiful fishing grounds will follow suit,” imparted President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. as he inaugurated the Samar Pacific Coastal Road Project (SPCR) — a development project in pursuit of the commitments made in his first State of the Nation Address (SONA).

The SPCR is an 11.607-kilometer road with three (3) component bridges beginning at the Simora Junction in the Municipality of Laoang going to Barangay Mabaras in the Municipality of Palapag. It is instrumental in establishing the Samar Island Circumferential Road which is poised to bring in the much-needed development in the communities.

Noting that the project will expedite the delivery and movement of basic goods and services, the President underscored in his keynote speech that the undertaking strengthens the government’s resolve to improve peace and order in Northern Samar, as well as ensure that the economic gains and basic services reach all the residents in the Island.

He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Government of the Republic of Korea for its continued support in the country’s flagship projects towards the greater good of the Filipino people, notwithstanding its assistance to the country in 2013 as among the first countries that sent a sizable contingent to provide assistance to communities hit by Super Typhoon Yolanda.

The Chief Executive likewise recognized the conscientious work of the Provincial Government, in partnership with various national government agencies, towards delivering services for the people of Northern Samar.

“The local government can be assured of this government’s continued unconditional support in your efforts to alleviate poverty, promote good governance, secure the health and well-being of your citizenry, and usher inclusive development in your province,” he conveyed, reaffirming the national government’s commitment to continue implementing high-impact infrastructure projects across the country.

President Marcos Jr. called on the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to stand firm on its mission to establish seamless and inclusive inter-island connectivity through national and local linkages.

“Through our determined efforts, we can build projects that will spur the growth of our local industries, boost our trade and our commerce, create more opportunities for our people,” the President ended in his message.

*  *  *