San Carlos City, Negros Occidental
14 May 2014

On improving power services and minimizing climate risks in the country, President Benigno S. Aquino III led the inauguration and switch-on ceremony of the San Carlos Solar Energy, Inc. (SACASOL) Phase I held in San Carlos Ecozone, Negros Occidental.

SACASOL is a project funded by Bronzeoak Philippines and Thomas Llyod Cleantech with interests in investing for renewable and clean energy. President Aquino emphasized that government is fully recognizing the significance of this investment. It is the first large-scale commercially financed and commissioned solar power plant in the country under his term.

“Investments in power are meaningful in every sense of the word: they enliven the local economies and provide honest, decent sources of livelihood; they add to the energy mix and help ensure a more steady supply of power; and perhaps most importantly, they point to the promise of future growth for the community, the region, and the country,” he said.

Out of this new project, the Visayas grid will gain an additional 22 megawatts, as SACASOL dislodges carbon emissions amounting all the same to the total emissions produced by 14,805 tons of oil for each year of operations.

Additionally, this renewable energy will further develop the country’s disaster response mechanisms for it also puts emphasis on the effects of climate change, global warming for instance.

“The responsibility to act in the face of growing climate risks falls on all of us, whether we belong to the government or the private sector. SACASOL is the perfect example for this,” the President added.