Beijing, China
4 November 2014

Situated in the central park of Beijing, the HouHai (Back Lake) district is known for its picturesque view of the HouHai Lake, and is popular among the three parts: QianHai, Houhai and Xihai that form the Shichahai area.

During the day, the HouHai is bustling with activities from locals and tourists that stroll the area, marvelling at the sight of serene calmness that radiates from the lake. The entire stretch of the lake’s shore is also filled with shops, pubs and restaurants, with some dating back centuries old. One in particular is the Barbeque Ji founded by Chef Ji Decai 160 years ago that had served imperial royalties during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). To this date, Barbeque Ji has preserved several of its famous sought-after recipes including the roast lamb and stir-fried snow pea kept hot with a candle stove—a must-try when visiting the HouHai Area. The quaint life surrounding the lake also gives tourists a feel of the old Chinese neighborhood.

Tourist will, likewise, find Houhai exciting at night when the entire lake shore is filled with neon lights from different pubs and bars in the area.

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