Los Angeles, California, USA
11 February 2016

Created by a resolution proposed by the City Council member Eric Garcetti on August 2, 2002, the Historic Filipinotown is the City of Angels’ Thirteenth District. It was one of the few areas where Filipinos first settled during the early part of the 20th century and is home to key Filipino organizations, Filipino churches, and housing like the Manila Terrace.

The Historic Filipinotown is a constant reminder to the City of Los Angeles the history and struggles Filipinos have overcome to build this particular community.

One of the interesting attractions in the Filipinotown that depicts Filipino lineage is the large Gintong Kasaysayan, Gintong Pamana mural located inside the Unidad Park. The mural illustrates the four thousand years of Filipino-American history and the awakening of the Filipino nation during martial law years. Aside from the historic structures inside the Filipinotown, the area also showcases Filipino restaurants and other business establishments.

* * *