November 17, 2023

The Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) 2023 concludes its much-anticipated event that gathered leaders and experts from the sectors of finance, technology and public policy worldwide — with the Philippines opening its biggest Country Pavilion — from November 15-17, 2023.

According to FinTech Alliance.PH Chairman Lito Villanueva, the Philippines’ participation to the festival ends on a high note as efforts to introduce the country as one of Asia’s next investment hub have been enticing to various exhibitors throughout the event.

“I think we have been successful in our objective in terms of showcasing the Philippines as Asia’s digital hotspot, enticing more investors to come in to the Philippines… We are very positive about the future of finance in the Philippines. We have a thriving digital landscape or FinTech landscape in the country,” he remarks.

One of the highlights of the SFF 2023 is the participation of President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr., where he spoke before the participants via hologram. According to the organizers, the President is the firtst ever Head of State to do such groundbreaking method since the establishment of SFF in 2016.

The Chief Executive reaffirmed the Philippines’ commitment in fostering an environment that promotes collaboration and propels the momentum of the country’s digital transformation and underscored the government’s efforts to secure a digital future through fostering an environment of a sustainable financial sector amidst the rapid growth of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) worldwide.

“It is for this reason that we keep our FinTech ecosystem open to our collaboration with a wide array of stakeholders, both domestically and internationally… The Philippines — with its innovative spirit and openness to collaboration — is eager to work with you in seizing all the opportunities that lie ahead,” President Marcos Jr. said.

*  *  *