Rizal Hall, Malacañan Palace
July 9, 2018

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte received the copy of the proposed Federal Constitution of the Philippines from former Chief Justice and Consultative Committee (ConCom) to review the 1987 Constitution Chairperson Reynato Puno in a handover ceremony held at the Rizal Hall in Malacañan Palace.

In Chairperson Puno’s speech, he imparted what the proposed Federal Constitution seeks to establish.

“The draft Constitution democratize our electoral process by prohibiting political dynasties that have long monopolized our elections,” he said, adding that it would transform political parties as mechanisms of citizen representation and democratic governance.

The former Chief Justice also reassured that the Committee worked independently without biases towards any political or elite interest.

At the end of his remarks, Chairperson Puno expressed the collective gratitude of the Committee to the President for giving them the opportunity to draft the Constitution.

“We shall remain at your service,” he ended.

Created under Executive Order (EO) No. 10, the ConCom unanimously approved the draft Federal Constitution through an executive session held a week before the handover ceremony. It has been four months since the group officially convened.

Prior to the event, the ConCom traveled to different parts of the country to conduct regional consultations with different sectoral groups, including women, academicians, farmers, the Church, and public and private officers.