Fuente Osmeña Circle, Cebu City
February 27, 2023

More than a decade since it was first envisioned, the Cebu Bus Rapid Transit (CBRT) Project – Package 1 finally broke ground, with President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. leading the ceremony at Fuente Osmeña Circle in Cebu City during his visit to the Province of Cebu.

“For Package I, we will construct a 2.38-kilometer segregated bus lane with four bus stations. It will also include a 1.15-kilometer pedestrian improvement, which will link the CBRT System to the Port of Cebu. The entire CBRT system, there are three phases, which comprises three packages — is designed to accommodate 83 12-meter buses by its opening year. In the future, this will be increased and expanded to accomodate more and longer buses,” the President stated in his keynote message.

He expressed confidence that the CBRT Project will provide a more efficient, reliable, comfortable and safer travel alternatives to the Cebuanos, as well as improve the working conditions of current public transport drivers, that will ultimately result to a reduction of accidents among residents and visitors of Cebu City.

“Rest assured that the national government remains committed to improving economic activities in the many parts of our country through the introduction of innovative solutions to public transport and the improvement of mobility infrastructure, among others. My administration resolutely supports you in exploring ways to improve our public transport and in forging partnerships that will help the Philippines keep up with the innovative interventions of other progressive countries,” the Chief Executive affirmed.

With total funding of PhP16.307 billion sourced from the World Bank and French Development Agency, the entire CBRT Project is a 13.8-kilometer segregated lane with 17 bus stations, one (1) depot and one (1) trunk terminal that is expected to cater to more than 160,000 passengers daily.

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