Binondo, Manila
15 August 2012


President Benigno S. Aquino III paid tribute to Binondo’s cultural and economic significance by gracing the launching of the Lucky Chinatown Mall, part of the Lucky Chinatown Heritage Project spearheaded by Megaworld Corporation. The 108,000 square meter mall with a total cost of seven billion pesos is expected to generate at least four thousand new jobs.

The latest offering from Megaworld Lifestyle Malls has a five-level top class shopping, dining, and a deep appreciation of Binondo’s Filipino-Chinese heritage. Accompanying the mall is the Chinatown Walk, recreating the Chinatown of old and pre-Spanish inspired era of architecture and authentic Chinese stores.

According to the President, more companies should follow the footsteps of Megaworld in pursuing development projects while remaining sensitive to the cultural roots of the areas where they are established.


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