Menthang, Jakarta
September 6, 2016

Back in the 1930s, Catholics from Menteng and Gondangdia used to walk a long distance to hear a Mass at the Jakarta Cathedral. In 1933, the Jakarta Cathedral Church Board commissioned Architect J. Th. Van Oyen to design a church without a pillar in the middle so that the altar can be seen everywhere inside the building, hence, the establishment of Gereja Santa Theresia or the Church of St. Therese. It was inaugurated on July 30, 1950.

The church has three doors. A large window above the entrance portrays St. Therese, while those above the side entrance portray St. Ignatius de Loyola (founder of the Society of Jesus) and St. Francis Xavier (protective mission). At the back of the altar lay 13 smaller windows, the middle one represents Jesus Christ, while the others from left to right represent the twelve Apostles.

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