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The Presidential Broadcast Staff-RTVM conducted a seminar dedicated to educating its personnel about the legal mandates and pertinent laws concerning Gender and Development program at the Kamana Sanctuary in Subic, Zambales.

During the program, Atty. Judie Rose T. Dimayuga from the National Gender and Development Resource Pool (NGRP) delved into crucial concepts, laws and historical developments fundamental to understanding the basis and evolution of GAD in the Philippine context.

Emphasizing the importance of such initiatives, RTVM’s Executive Director Undersecretary Franz Gerard R. Imperial mentioned that these initiatives are instrumental in enabling RTVM to establish itself as a model agency in promoting and actively implementing gender equality within its institution. These ways are also anchored in potentially inspiring other organizations to follow suit.

“It is imperative that we prioritize the full and equal participation of women and people in all genders in every facet of our operations. We must strive to create an inclusive environment that encourages their leadership, representation and involvement,” he said.

The said event deeply ingrained in every participant the significance of inclusivity and gender equality in guiding RTVM’s programs and processes towards a more gender-sensitive and responsive approach.

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