GAD Focal Point SystemThe Committee MembersDuties and Responsibilities
The RTVM GAD Focal Point System ensures that the plans and programs of the Agency are aligned with spreading awareness of Gender and Development (GAD) for all employees and the general public. Its main goal is gender mainstreaming, capacity building, and strengthening the knowledge of RTVM employees on GAD.

The GFPS comprises of members from the Management Committee, Sub-Committee, and rank and file. The committee is in charge of planning, conceptualizing, initiating, and leading in the implementation of GAD programs, activities, and projects (PAPs) of the Agency.


Vice Chairperson
Head, Research and Archives

Executive Committee

Luis Enrico Eleazar
Head, Media Production

Angelina Mondoñedo
Head, Administration and Finance

Engr. Brando Aguilan
Officer-in-Charge, Engineering

Technical Working Group

Jacqueline Amazona

Bethlehem Dela Cruz

Sharmila Kaye Cruz

Rowela Mae Garcia

Danilyn Flores

Emmanuel De Guzman

Domingo Jacinto Sales

Louie Muyo

Nikolous Gel Llamoso


Lyca Navarrete

Adrian Magpantay

Jayvee James Cosico

GFPS Chairperson/Alternate Chairperson

  • Issue policies or other directives that support Gender and Development (GAD) mainstreaming in the policies, plans, programs, projects and activities, budget, systems and procedures of the agency including the creation, strengthening, modification or reconstruction of the GFPS; and
  • Approve the GAD Plan, Program and Budget of the Agency as duly endorsed by the Executive Committee with the assistance of the Technical Working Group (TWG), and ensure its implementation.


  • Provide direction and give policy advice to the Agency Head to support and strengthen the GFPS and Agency’s GAD mainstreaming activities;
  • Direct the identification of GAD Strategies, programs, activities and projects based on the results of the gender audit, gender analysis and according to the identified priorities of the Agency in response to the gender issues faced by its clients and employees;
  • Ensure the timely submission of the Agency GAD Plan and Budget Accomplishment Report (AR) and other GAD-related reports to the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) and to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM);
    Ensure the effective and efficient implementation of the Agency GAD programs, activities and projects and the judicious utilization of the GAD Budget;
  • Build and strengthen the partnership of the Agency with PCW, GAD experts, advocates, women’s groups and other stakeholders in pursuit of gender mainstreaming;
  • Recommend approval of Agency GAD Plans and Budget and GAD ARS; and
  • Recommend awards or recognition to outstanding institutional GAD programs, activities and projects and/or GFPS members.


  • Facilitate the implementation of the gender mainstreaming efforts of the Agency through the GAD planning and budgeting process;
  • Formulate Agency GAD Plans, Programs and Budget in response to the gender gaps and issues faced by the employees, following the conduct of a gender audit, gender analysis, and/or review of sex disaggregated data;
  • Work with the Administrative and Finance Division, specifically the Personnel Section, on the development and implementation of an appropriate capacity development program on gender equality and women’s empowerment for its employees, and as requested or deemed necessary, for other divisions under the Agency, as the case may be;
  • Coordinate with other Divisions/Section of the Agency and ensure their meaningful participation in GAD strategic and annual planning exercises;
  • Monitor the implementation of GAD-related programs, activities and projects in the Agency and suggest corrective measures to improve implementation of GAD PAPs and GFPS activities;
  • Prepare and consolidate Agency GAD accomplishment reports; and
  • Provide regular updates and recommendations to the Head of the Agency on the activities of the GFPS and the progress of Agency GAD mainstreaming activities based on the feedback and reports of the various Divisions/Sections of the Agency.
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