DENR Compound, Visayas Avenue, Quezon City
June 26, 2023

“Our role as custodian of Mother Earth holds much value, especially when united in terms of purpose and of direction…And as such, it is only right that we commemorate your anniversary to further inspire progress in preserving our trees and forests in these coming years,” President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. emphasized when he joined the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in commemorating the 160th anniversary of the Philippine Forestry Service.

Today’s celebration coincided with the Philippine Environment Month and Philippine Arbor Day or National Tree Planting Day observed every June 25th by virtue of Proclamation No. 643, series of 2004.

Upon arrival, President Marcos Jr. planted a Molave Tree at the DENR’s Environmental Heroes Park to encourage Filipinos to plant more trees, specifically native trees (Molave, Narra and Mountain Agoho) that will help reforest denuded areas in pursuit of a greener and healthier Philippines.

“Today, I am reminded of the tree planting activity that we conducted on my birthday last year. And I remember stressing how vital trees are to our existence and how taking care of the environment redounds to the benefit of the present and more importantly, future generations,” he said in his keynote message.

“This administration is committed in ensuring environmental integrity and sustainability for the benefit of our present and future generations,” the Chief Executive added, noting the critical importance of nurturing deeper consciousness among Filipinos in preserving the environment and addressing problems caused by climate change and centuries of mismanaged resources.

He called on the DENR and other government agencies, as well as the private sector, to work together in protecting, preserving and managing the country’s limited resources as this will eventually result to Mother Nature taking care of the Philippines for generations to come.

*  *  *