Davao City Hall, Davao City
27 June 2016

President-elect Rodrigo Roa Duterte spoke at his last flag raising ceremony as Davao City Mayor in the City Administrator’s Office on Monday, June 27.

During his speech, Duterte expressed his firm stand against corruption, illegal drugs, and criminality.

“My government is for the helpless and the defenseless. Those are the words of my father. I just borrowed it from him,” he said.

Duterte also talked on the need to have fast and clean government transactions, especially in the processing of passports. He added that he will make a hotline for those who want to report irregularities and anomalies in government services.

“Lalo na diyan sa passport. They have to do better. Mga kapatid natin nag-fi-first come, first serve. Humihiga diyan sa semento. Lalo na ‘yung taga-Cotabato. Kawawa naman,” he stressed.

The President-elect explained the act of taking children into custody and why parents should be held responsible for them.

“When we take into custody a child or children, we are not in the process of arresting. We are taking into custody the child to protect him from harm…You arrest the parents for abandonment and exposing the child to danger. That is how the government wants to protect its children,” he cleared.

Furthermore, Duterte voiced his strong stance to implement the death penalty and curfew. He also said that there is a probability that he will impose the 1 am liquor ban.

“I stake my honor, my life, and the presidency itself even if I lose it. Kapag sinabi kong huminto kayo, huminto kayo. Impeachment? Go ahead. Walang problema sa akin. I will insist what I promised to the people,” he said.

With regards to the West Philippine Sea, Duterte explained that they are still waiting for the arbitral judgment before making an act.

“Dito sa West Philippine Sea, we shut up. We wait for the decision before we make any public statement. We are just waiting for the arbitral judgment. Huwag muna nating pakialaman ‘yan. I have to talk to everybody in the government to decide, including the military,” he said.

Moreover, the President-elect introduced the possible implementation of family planning which entails the use of pills, vasectomy operation, and the three-child policy.

Duterte concluded with the expression of gratitude to Davaoeños and government employees in the province, and vowed to do to the country what he did in Davao.

“Mga mahal kong kasamahan sa gobyerno, I would like thank you for your fidelity, your trust in me, and the brotherly love that you have shared all those years. I appreciated it very much…We cannot totally erase graft and corruption but at least dito sa Davao, we were able to correct so many errors. I tend to do the same to the country…I will be harsh to the criminals. I will be strict to the wrongdoers,” he concluded.

After his speech, a plaque of certificate for the service rendered were given to Atty. Jesus Melchor Quitain and Christopher Bong Go.

The flag raising ceremony ended with the department heads and chief offices photo opportunity with the President-elect.

*  *  *