Beijing, China
6 November 2014

Wangfujing is a well-known business street in Beijing for the modern and fashion trend but at night the area is turned into a place that caters to the weird and the exotic.

In one particular site in Wangfuging, food stalls would start to line up along the street at the twilight hour of the day displaying unique Chinese delicacies and exotic food you would never thought would be edible. Some of these delicacies might even be too nightmarish for those weak at heart because of the wide array of insects skewed on barbeque sticks such as spiders, scorpions, centipedes, bugs, chrysalis and even starfish. But while others cringe at the sight of these hair-raising creatures being eaten, many are intrigued and drawn to it which makes China an even more extraordinary and exciting place to visit in Asia.

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