President’s Hall, Malacañan Palace
September 27, 2017

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte joined the medalists of the 2017 World Police and Fire Games in a dinner at the President’s Hall in Malacañan Palace.
Each of the several medalists from the Philippine National Police (PNP) and other law enforcement agencies were awarded with a pistol by the President.
President Duterte also spoke to them during the dinner about providing better medical care equipment and facilities to the PNP and to other government forces.
First held in San Diego, California in 1967 as “California Police Olympics,” it’s founder, San Diego Police Captain Veon “Duke” Nyhus, recognized the need to promote physical fitness and camaraderie amongst members of the law enforcement community and thus formulated the idea of the Police Olympics and created the competition with an eye towards promoting physical fitness and sport as both a means for officers to improve their overall fitness, to reduce stress, and to increase their professional abilities.
Today, the event has gained worldwide recognition, which has become a biennial athletic event with the 2017 World Police and Fire Games held in Los Angeles, California.