Malacañan Palace
15 July 2014

To further enhance good governance across the nation, President Benigno S. Aquino III, alongside World Bank President Dr. Jim Yong Kim, led the Daylight Dialogue, a forum that provides different government and private sector leaders an avenue to discuss and exchange ideas that will strengthen government initiatives and reforms for the development of the country.

Composed of three plenary talks, the Daylight Dialogue aims to broaden government and civil society partnerships, as well as to continue upholding the Philippines’ discourse on good governance.

In his speech, President Aquino emphasized that good governance is not just about fighting and preventing corruption, but about prioritizing the development of the Filipino people.

“I would put it in this way: it is not enough that we act. The duty of government is to act and do what is right – to do what benefits the vast majority of people at the soonest possible time,” he said.

Moreover, President Aquino reiterated that no country has ever won the war against poverty without addressing corruption and weakness of economic institutions, saying that the effective way of addressing poverty is a sustained and inclusive economic growth.

As for the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), President Aquino remained firm on the stand of the administration that it benefited majority of Filipinos. He cited several projects and infrastructures that were funded by the DAP, three of which were from the Department of Education, Department of Public Works and Highways, and the National Housing Authority. Likewise, the President assured the public that if there will be any misuse or abuse of the fund, then those responsible will be held to account.

“In pursuing this, we stand firm by our determination to ensure the Filipino will continue to reap success after success – that the marginalized will be able to take stock of their lives and leave the margins once and for all, that businesses will thrive and that the Philippines will finally realize its vision of lasting and inclusive growth,” President Aquino said.