Malacañan Palace
12 August 2014

President Benigno S. Aquino III conferred the Order of National Scientist to the following academicians — Angel Alcala, PhD; Gavino Trono, PhD; Ramon Barba, PhD; and Edgardo Gomez, PhD — for their contribution in the advancement of science and technology in the country.

Angel Alcala, PhD was honored in recognition of his outstanding contribution on seminal and original research on the systematic, ecology and diversity of Philippine amphibians and reptiles and marine biodiversity.

Ramon Barba, PhD was recognized for his achievement in the field of plant physiology that focused on the induction of flowering of mango and micropropagation of crop species.

Gavino Trono, PhD was noted for his outstanding contribution in the field of tropical marine phycology focusing on seaweed biodiversity, biology, ecology and culture.

Edgardo Gomez, PhD was recognized for his achievement as a researcher, scientist, conservation advocate and mentor in invertebrate biology and ecology, giant clam culture restoration, and coral reef assessment and conservation.

The conferment of the Order of National Scientist was created through Presidential Decree Nos. 1003 and 1003-A on December 16, 1976 and is given to an individual who has earned a doctoral degree in any field of science.  These awardees have shown and received distinction in their respective independent research works in basic and applied sciences which include agricultural, engineering, medical sciences, mathematics and social sciences, that were established in published works such as technical journals.