South Harbor, Port Area, Manila
May 30, 2018

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte led the destruction of 122 smuggled luxury motor vehicles at the Bureau of Customs in Port Area, Manila.

In his message, the President reminded the Bureau of Customs (BoC), which he considered as the ‘purgatory’ of government services, and his appointed officials, on the administration’s fight to end smuggling and corruption in the country.

“Not during my watch. Huwag mong gawin sa panahon ko. Pinapahiya mo ako… I used to be a prosecutor, prosecuting cases in court for graft and corruption, tapos kami ang tatamaan sa kalokohan,” he said.

As testament, the President publicly sacked in front of its personnel BOC’s Deputy Commissioner Noel Patrick Prudente for his excessive travels to Singapore and Europe.

“I will cut short the agony of the Congress. I’m firing him today, Noel Patrick Sales Prudente,” the President announced.

Adding that once reports have been confirmed by the intelligence service, he will not hesitate to pursue filing cases in court and fire even presidential appointees.

The President also warned never to involve his family on any government transactions.

“There is no such thing in the Philippines as the first family. The first family does not enjoy any advantage at all,” he said.

Worth PhP34.71 million (approximately US$662,538), the condemned smuggled luxury vehicles consisted of 112 units of brand new Vespa scooters, one (1) used BMW motorcycle, one (1) Harley Davidson motorcycle, two (2) Triumph motorcycles, one (1) Mitsubishi Pajero, two (2) Land Rovers, and two (2) Volvo cars.
Simultaneously, two (2) more units of used 2002 and 2005 Ford Ecoline E350 was also bulldozed at the Port of Cebu in Cebu City.

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