Roman Catholic Cemetery, Davao City
February 4, 2017

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte visited the grave of his mother, Mrs. Soledad ‘Nanay Soling’ Duterte, in remembrance of her 5th death anniversary at the Roman Catholic Cemetery in Davao City.

Nanay Soling spent her life as a dedicated teacher in Davao City and was actively involved in many socio-civic activities. During his visit, the President lit candles, had a moment of silence, and kissed the urn of his mother, as well as the tomb of his father.

In a media interview, President Duterte gave his pronouncement in lifting the ceasefire with the communist rebels. He emphasized his sentiments regarding the said issue, saying that he is not ready to resume peace talks considering the continued attacks against government forces. “I am not ready unless there is a compelling one, I don’t know what it is as long as it is in the interest of Filipino nation,” the President said.

Likewise, he expressed his disappointment that the two parties had not come up with an agreement despite the government’s effort to at least meet the demands of the insurgents. “Now with the coming of the ISIS, you can very well understand my problem. They are here, they are not interested in the Moro nationalism of getting back their lands, they are just interested to wage war and kill people, period. How can you talk peace to those (ISIS),” he added.

Relative to the lifting of the ceasefire, the President was asked if a deadline was imposed on the Armed Forces of the Philippines, to which he responded, “No, ubusan ng bala¬… until such time it would come to natural cessation because everybody is tired of killing people,” he said.

On another topic, the President mentioned that he is still pushing for federalism. “It is the centerpiece of my campaign and federalism is the only way to arrive at the peaceful solution to what is bugging Mindanao,” he stressed.

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