Beijing, China
6 November 2014

As delegates and leaders from different member economies arrive in Beijing to convene for the 22nd Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit starting on 9-11 November, the People’s Republic of China (PRC), this year’s country host, gears up for the event by dressing the city in APEC themes and logos using greens and flowers that can be seen in different corners of the city.
Preparation for this year’s APEC summit has taken a year or so to plan which involved some major renovations of several renowned structures. One of which is the Water Cube and the China’s National Convention Center (CNCC) where important meetings are to be hold, and the latter to serve as the media center and international broadcasting center.
Inside the CNCC, different kiosks have already been put up displaying China’s vast cultural heritage and traditions such as: traditional Chinese kite-making, intricate style of Beijing paper-cutting, Beijing’s shadow play, water color block printing, and many more.
This year the APEC summit carries the theme: “Shaping the Future through Asia-Pacific Partnership” where Leaders from all member economies will discuss three priorities: Advancing Regional Economic Integration, Promoting Innovative Development, Economic Reform and Growth, and Strengthening Comprehensive Connectivity and Infrastructure Development.

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