Heroes Hall, Malacañan Palace
September 28, 2023

“Our honorees are noteworthy Filipinos who have passionately pushed the limits of what and how public service should be. All of the 10 awardees, who are here with us today, have greatly contributed to the development of their respective institutions and advocacies,” said President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. as he congratulated the 2023 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipinos in an awarding ceremony at the Heroes Hall in Malacañan Palace.

The President lauded the 10 awardees for their accomplishments that heightened the standards in their professions as educators, soldiers and police officers. The excellence they have demonstrated, according to the Chief Executive, created ripples of positive transformation in their respective communities that are truly inspiring and worth emulating.

“Your accomplishments are also bringing us closer to the Bagong Pilipinas that we are determined to build – a nation that has a globally competitive education system, a safe and empowered citizenry, and a society that offers equal opportunities for all,” he stated.

President Marcos Jr. conveyed his appreciation to the Metrobank Foundation, Inc. and its partner stakeholders for establishing this career-service awards program in 1985 that further motivates civil servants to go above and beyond in selflessly extending a helping hand to fellow Filipinos.

“Nawa ay magsilbi kayong inspirasyon sa ating mga kababayan nang maisakatuparan natin ang ating hangarin na isang matatag at Bagong Pilipinas,” the President ended in his keynote message.