Davao International Airport, Davao City
December 17, 2016

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte arrived at the Davao International Airport after his four-day state visit to the Kingdom of Cambodia and Singapore.

In Cambodia, the President discussed ways of strengthening cooperation against traditional and emerging transnational crimes. “The Philippines and Cambodia signed an agreement for our police agencies to cooperate on combatting transnational crimes,” President Duterte said.

The Philippines and Cambodia have a significant portion of their population working overseas.

He added, “We signed an agreement in the area of labor to ensure ready assistance to our nationals, particularly in situations of distress and in areas of social unrest.”

Likewise, an extended bilateral agreement was witnessed by President Duterte in Cambodia, particularly the Executive Programme on Tourism Cooperation, and the Agreement on Sports Cooperation.

From Cambodia, the President headed to the Republic of Singapore.

“Singapore is a valued neighbor with whom we share similar challenges and the same commitment to advance the best interest of our countries, “ he said.

A new state-of-the-art intelligence technology would be provided by Singapore to the Philippines.

“Terrorist elements and other radical extremist forces undermine what we have worked hard for thus far. The Philippines and Singapore will work closely to effectively confront this big challenge,” the President stressed.

“In both my state visits, I underscored that the Philippines is open for business and that we seek intensified two-way trade and investments,” President Duterte concluded.

*  *  *