Marco Polo Hotel, Pasig City
22 October 2014

President Benigno S. Aquino III answered questions raised by members of the Foreign Correspondents Associations of the Philippines (FOCAP) during their Annual Presidential Forum held at the Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas.

Before facing the media, President Aquino delivered his remarks where he emphasized the evolution of media in the Philippines that grew from the rubble of Martial Law. According to him, he gives his utmost respect to everyone who stood for freedom of the press against an oppressive dictator which shaped the country’s democracy today. However, as media continuously adapts to more changes, he said that one must not forget the essentials of reporting: balance and accuracy.

“Media is a part and parcel of society, and it is incumbent upon you to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. These days, that also means accurately representing the national condition by striking a healthy balance between the positive and the negative,” President Aquino said.

Moreover, as the nation maintains reform efforts, it resulted to many positive stories. That is why President Aquino vowed for non-stop efforts to produce even more of these developments. His only appeal to media is to always inspire and encourage the Filipino people along the path to progress, even as they retain a sharp, critical eye.

“Without a doubt, if we all fulfill our individual roles in the grand task of nation building, then we can all propel this country of ours to height never before seen; together, we can give rise to a Philippines we can be proud to bequeath to future generations,” President Aquino said.

After which, he entertained several questions from the FOCAP members. They were given the opportunity to ask President Aquino about matters concerning the country particularly issues regarding national security, Philippines-China relations, the power crisis, Typhoon Yolanda rehabilitation efforts, and the Visiting Forces Agreement, among others.

*  *  *