12 December 2013

Radio Television Malacañang (RTVM) is one of the recipients of the 2013 ANAK TV Seal Awards. Its magazine show “Pulsong Pinoy”, aired through the People’s Television Network, is recognized as one of the child-friendly TV programs together with 100 other shows.

ANAK TV Seal is one of the most prestigious awards being granted to broadcasting networks for their exceptional shows that promote values and goodwill toward mankind. Chosen by the Filipino people, it typifies the child-sensitive, family-friendly television in the country.

With this award, RTVM expresses its heartfelt gratitude to all its television and online viewers, as well as to the stakeholders who believe in the agency’s will to serve the Filipinos. The ANAK TV Seal Award inspires RTVM to perform better and to produce more child-friendly TV programs for the youth who will shape the country’s future in the years to come.

Other awardees hail from ABS-CBN, PTV, TV 5, GMA, GMA News TV, IBC 13, Studio 23, NET 25, UNTV and Light TV.

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