Embassy of the Philippines to Washington, D.C., USA

Reaffirming commitment to peace and security and forging stronger economic partnerships with the United States of America are among the priorities of President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. as he embarks on an Official Visit to Washington, D.C. from 30 April to 4 May 2023.

In an interview with RTVM a day before the President’s arrival in the US capital, Ambassador Jose Manuel Romualdez, the country’s envoy to the USA, shares that there is great anticipation among US key Cabinet Secretaries and government officials on President Marcos Jr’s. visit, notably his second bilateral talks with President Joseph Biden.

As a major economic partner of the country, the United States targets to bring major investments to the Philippines within the year, particularly projects in the energy sector, healthcare, tourism and infrastructure.

“They really would like to get a chance to meet the President because they see him as a progressive President. They see him as somebody who knows the value of our relationship,” Ambassador Romualdez states, adding that this official visit will eventually “redound to our country, our peace and security, economic security and most important of all, economic prosperity for everyone.”

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