Brussels, Belgium
11 September 2014

1)  Grand Place — a small 15th century town square erected over centuries to become the modern day representation of Brussels’ history.  It is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe with architecture from three different eras — Baroque, Gothic and Louie XIV — and is listed as one of the Sites of World Heritage by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 1998.

2)  Brussels Town Hall — located within the Grand Place, the City Hall of Brussels is a masterpiece of Gothic civil architecture of the 15th century.  Numerous sculptures adorn its walls aside from the perfect proportions of its tower, the spire of which is topped by the archangel St. Michael.

3)  St. Jacques-sur-Coudenberg Church — located within the Grand Place, it is an 18th century structure with a wonderfully decorated bell tower.  It was on the steps of this church that King Leopold I was crowned as the first King of Belgium on 21 July 1831.  It also serves as the cathedral of the diocese of the armed forces.

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