GSIS Head Office, Pasay City
May 31, 2023

“Every year that goes by, every increment that we add to the age of the GSIS, it gives us that collective sense of reassurance about our future. This is true both from the perspective of the Government as an institution, and in our individual capacities as public servants,” said President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. as he conveyed his felicitations to the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) in celebration of its 86th anniversary on 31 May 2023.

In his keynote speech, the President acknowledged the GSIS’ efforts in digitalization and business process efficiency that are well aligned with the Administration’s priority of providing efficient and accessible services to the public as laid out in the Philippine Development Plan.

The GSIS officially introduced the enhanced GSIS Touch mobile application that provides user-friendly interface where members and pensioners can apply for loans, view records and navigate other services seamlessly.

“The primary clientele itself — the Filipino civil servant — stands to great benefit from this digitalization effort. It will not only improve the delivery of services, but will boost the satisfaction, morale and productivity of government workers,” he expressed.

In fulfillment of the Administration’s agenda to help farmers, MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) and consumers, as well as to address the country’s housing gap, the GSIS welcomed the Kadiwa Para Sa Manggagawa in its premises beginning today and officially launched its Pabahay Project that will benefit members and their families, especially those coming from low-income households.

The Chief Executive also recognized the significant role that GSIS will provide as the Administration institutes reforms in the pension system of the military and uniformed personnel, calling for its active support on the matter. “We genuinely recognize that it is as important, urgent and humanitarian as the pension system of all civilian government employees. Hence, it is imperative that we establish the most appropriate and strategic mechanism to get it functioning, or, at the very least, to start to lay the foundation for the system that will function in the long run,” he said.

“With all these positive changes and developments of the GSIS over the years, it has created this wholesome identity for itself. It has become a Filipino household name and established for itself a solid reputation for trust, reliability, public service — extending well beyond your primary clientele,” President Marcos Jr. added.

“As President, I assure you of the Administration’s support for all your initiatives, as you better yourselves for the sake of our very diligent government workforce…. Present and future Filipino civil servants, who keep and will keep government going for the benefit of the country and the citizenry, are with you on this journey towards our commonly aspired for future,” he ended in his message.