SEC Headquarters, Makati City
June 22, 2023

“Throughout the commission’s existence, the SEC has helped create an environment that benefits business and investment sectors,” remarked President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. in acknowledging the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as the country’s reliable regulator of corporate and capital markets, and a staunch protector of the people and their investments.

The SEC acts as the Philippines’ corporate registrar by virtue of Commonwealth Act No. 287. In fulfillment of the government’s objective to improve the ease of doing business in the country, it has accelerated the implementation of its digitalization reforms, expanded online services and made them more accessible to the public.

“Your openness to achieving digital transformation has likewise been integral to fostering business formation and for growth. Through the digital reforms that you have put in place, you have made it easier for corporations to comply with the requirements and maintain a good standing in the business community,” emphasized the President during the 85th anniversary celebration of the SEC as corporate registrar.

The SEC launched its new digital services that will make registration and monitoring of corporations across the country even easier, alongside a capital market initiative that will allow more investments in the agriculture sector.

The Chief Executive further noted the recognitions received by the SEC from local institutions and international organizations for its good corporate governance, aside from the swiftness and security of its operations.

“As we are now deep in our efforts to fully transform our economy, it is my hope that your role in our collective growth remains clear so that businesses will not only thrive but will also become agents of our economic and social transformation,” he added.

“So, I call on the good people that make up the SEC: Let us use all the successes to further promote ease of doing business and to actively contribute to our overall goal of bringing a comfortable life to our people. I likewise encourage you to continue the digitalization of your services and further invigorate the advocacy for sustainable finance and good corporate governance,” President Marcos Jr. ended in his message.

During the program, the President, together with Department of Finance (DOF) Secretary Benjamin Diokno and SEC Chairman Atty. Emilio Aquino, inaugurated the new SEC Headquarters through a digital unveiling of the facility’s marker.

*  *  *