Legazpi City, Albay
December 8, 2016

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte restated his stand on changing the Philippines’ form of government into a federal system during the 7th anniversary of the Federalismo Alyansa ng Bikol (FAB) at the Legazpi City Convention Center.

In his speech, President Duterte once again said that he is ready to lose the Presidency once the country switched to a federal form of government. According to him, peace, unity, and harmony can be achieved through such transition.

“I give you my commitment now, my word of honor. That if you can craft the federal set-up in two, three years, and have it decided in the affirmative by the Filipino people, I will step down,” he assured.

He still considers this as the only way to put a stop to the ongoing conflicts in Mindanao that threaten the safety of Filipinos.

“One very important factor that they forgot to take into account is Mindanao. In Mindanao, there is a rebellion. Hindi lang ninyo nakikita but there is killing everyday,” he said.

The President said that federalism would save Mindanao from turmoil, saying he is certain terror threat such as the recent bombings and kidnappings will continue to surface. This will also help and secure the next generation, according to him.

“The important thing is as a President, it is my duty, sworn duty, sacred duty to tell you or maybe to protect the race in the days to come,” he said.

President Duterte reiterated the campaign of his administration against wrongdoings in the society, as well as in the government. Aside from his war against illegal drugs, the President said that he would enforce anti-corruption measures in the coming days.

“For those of you who really want to stop corruption, now is your time,” he said.

*  *  *