Fiesta Pavilion, The Manila Hotel
October 26, 2017

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte graced the 6th Philippine Professional Summit held at the Manila Hotel.

In his keynote address, the President reiterated his stance on his administration’s approach in addressing crime, corruption, illegal drug trade, and terrorism in the country. Alongside the recent liberation of Marawi City from Islamic terrorists, he reminded all the guests present to remain vigilant, as extremism is visible everywhere.

“…Retaliation and vengeance is not far fetched, so that you might want to just also be ready, not at this time, but to I said raise your awareness of how dangerous the world is today,” he said.

Furthermore, President Duterte expressed his support for the Philippine National Police (PNP) amidst criticisms on government’s war against illegal drugs. “Ang akala kasi nila ang police lang ang tiga-patay. Look, I have lost 162 policemen in the drug campaign. I have lost almost more than 30% more sundalo,” he said.

“…The law says policeman about to make an arrest, the duty of this criminal is to surrender peacefully to the law,” he remarked, adding that if police officers are confronted with violence, they must “overcome the resistance”.

Ending his speech, the President imparted that he is only doing his duty as the leader of the country as stated in his oath of office. “I am Rodrigo Duterte, I am a worker of government, my task is to protect the people and preserve the Republic of the Philippines,” he said.

Filipino professionals around the world gathered at the annual event to exchange insights on various trends and developments in the international arena that affect them, especially those who are locally employed. This year’s summit also aims to assess and further improve the performance of Filipino professionals, and to conduct interaction among physical networks and other institutions.

Bearing the theme ‘THE GLOCAL FILIPINO PROFESSIONALS: Responding to the Philippine Aspirations and International Development with “MALASAKIT AT PAGBABAGO”’, the 6th Philippine Professional Summit, organized by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and the Philippine Association of the Professional Regulatory Board Members Inc. (PAPRB), support the thrust of the current administration in its initiatives to address inequalities in the country through a socio-economic agenda that underscores inclusiveness for the betterment of all Filipinos.

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