Manila Hotel
September 26, 2017

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte vowed to continue government’s campaign on illegal drugs, crime, and corruption during 56th anniversary of the Philippine Constitution Association (PHILCONSA) at the Manila Hotel.

According to the President, he is committed to put an end to illegal drugs despite the criticisms hurled against the government by foreign organizations on the issue of extra-judicial killings (EJK). He added that his love for the country is absolute and that he would put an end to anyone who threatens to corrupt the Filipino youth, of whom he perceives as “the greatest only resource of this country”.

On the issue of Martial Law, the President said he would not enforce it outside Mindanao simply to combat illegal drugs, however, stern punishment applies to those who will be caught.

The President also reiterated his stance against conducting the barangay election to curb local narco-politics.

“I’m staking my honor, my life, and the Presidency itself. Either we follow the civilized way or we follow the brutalized methods… just do not destroy my country, do not destroy our young people because they are our valued assets,” he said.

In closing his speech, the President underscored the unifying force of the Constitution in bridging the cultural differences of the Filipino people.

“What keeps us here tonight, what is the unifying factor in the Filipino? It’s the Philippine Constitution, signed by our forefathers that we will be one. That keeps us united. You start to destroy the Constitution there will be a breakage in our society,” President Duterte said.

Founded on September 26, 1961, PHILCONSA is a non-stock and nonpartisan organization committed to defend, preserve and protect the Constitution.

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