Vladivostok, Russia
2 September 2012

View of the Golden Horn Bay. Central Square or Square of the Fighters for Soviet Power in the Russian Far East. Svetlanskaya Street.

Vladivostok is the largest port in the Russian Pacific, the terminal of the Trans-Siberian railroad and one of the most important national naval bases. It is the capital city of the Primorsky Krai,the largest transportation hub of the Russian Far East.

The Golden Horn Inlet is one of the best attractions in Vladivostok. Through the Eastern Bosphorus Strait, named after the strait that links the Black Sea with the Marmora Sea, Golden Horn Inlet is connected with Peter-the-Great-Gulf, which comprises Amur and Ussury Bays washing the city from the East and the West.

The Square of the Fighters for the Soviet Power in the Russian Far East is the city’s main square. It is the main place for demonstrations and rallies, parades and mass festivities. The grand monument of the Soviet era was unveiled on April 29, 1961.

Svetlanskaya Street is the main street of the city. It got its name for the frigate Svetlana in 1873. The street was used to be called Amerikanskaya commemorating the corvette America that came to Peter-the-Great Gulf in 1859. In January 1924, the street name was changed to Leninskaya and it took about 70 years for it to be named Svetlanskaya Street again.