Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City
18 September 2012 


President Benigno S. Aquino III urged signatories of the integrity pledge to live by its principles during the opening of the 2nd Integrity Summit at the Hotel InterContinental Manila in Makati City.

In his message, President Aquino cited the economic gains that the country has recently achieved including the eight positive credit reports, the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness report placing the country on the 65th spot, and the 5.9% GDP growth for this year’s second quarter that surpassed the average 5.3 % growth.

According to the President, these are the results of having an integrity-based government built on people’s trust which he initiated since he took oath in office. He also assured them that these gains will be channelled into projects and programs geared as an investment on the people to be globally competitive and will usher sustainable growth for the country.

“This is what we have tried to change since we took office; this is the rationale behind our agenda of Integrity-based governance. We believe that a level playing-field in essence, a just society, built upon institutions that are fortified by the people’s trust,” he said.

Carrying this year’s theme “Driving Culture Change”, the summit was attended by 500 participants from the government sector, business sector, NGOs and the academe to pledge its support to promote common ethical standards among represented sectors.

The Integrity Initiative, a private group campaigning against corruption, aims to increase its number of pledge signatories from last year’s 700 to 1,500 signatories. The group also launched its online Integrity Self-Assessment tool which will help signatories to determine their strengths and areas to improve in their integrity practices.


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