Marriott Hotel, Manila
27 July 2012


President Benigno S. Aquino III lauded the BusinessWorld Publishing Corporation during its 25th silver anniversary celebration for its continuous commitment in promoting fact-based responsible news reporting.

In his message, President Aquino outlined the important role of media in shaping the consciousness of the people. “The media, the government, and the people must work together to create an environment of positive, progressive discourse between them. We must veer away from negativity and sensationalism,” the President said.

He also encouraged media practitioners to continue its role as watchdog of government and to stay true to its commitment to provide high standards of journalism. “By all means: criticize us, disagree with us, but make sure you do so on the basis of properly contextualized facts. And when these facts show that progress has been made, then you must also tell it like it is. This is media’s responsibility to their viewers, listeners, and readers,” he said.

President Aquino added that spreading negativism in media reportage will only lead to despair and apathy that only perpetuates the vicious cycle. According to the President, “there are truths that can encourage our countrymen to participate in the large-scale turnaround of this country… Adhering to truth does not always mean seeing what is lacking or what is wrong.”

Founded by Raul L. Locsin, BusinessWorld is the country’s leading business newspaper which dates back to its maiden issue on February 27, 1967 with its predecessor BusinessDay. Forced to close down due to labor problems on June 5, 1987, the paper soon found its rebirth in less than a month with a new name BusinessWorld. Today, BusinessWorld boasts a total of 54,000 circulation covering national and foreign subscribers.

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