25 September 2015

Intw. w/ Atty. Helen Catalbas,
Regional Director, Western
Visayas Tourism Center
Opening Remarks of DTI
Sec. Gregory Domingo
at the 22nd APEC SME
Ministerial Meeting
APEC SME Ministerial
Press Conference
SME Ministers-CEO Dialogue
Ministerial Meeting

24 September 2015

Pre-dialogue CEO
Roundtable Discussion
Press Briefing by
Dir. Jerry Clavesillas
and Mr. John Andersen
Press Briefing by
Ms. Doris Magsaysay Ho,
ABAC Chair and CEO

23 September 2015

Opening Remarks of
Mr. John Andersen
Opening Remarks of
Mr. Jerry Clavesillas
Press Briefing by Dir. Rhodora
Leaño, Bureau of Domestic Trade
Promotion (BDTP-DTI)
41st APEC SME Working Group
Meeting Plenary Session (Day 1)

22 September 2015

Ms. Jean Rogers,
Chief Operating Officer,
WEConnect International
Mr. Jerry Clavesillas,
Director & Program Manager,
Ms. Doris Magsaysay Ho,
ABAC Chair and CEO,
A Magsaysay Inc
Press Briefing on APEC
SME Finance Forum
Press Brieifing by WTO
and ITC Representatives
Workshop on Business
Continuity Planning (BCP)
APEC SME Finance Forum

21 September 2015

DTI Artisanal Fair
APEC Accelerator Network (AAN)
Forum II: From Start Up to Scale Up
Remarks of Trade Usec.
Zenaida Maglaya
Remarks of Ms. Mei Hsueh Lin
APEC Workshop on
Facilitating SME Trade
through Better Understanding
of Non Tariff Measures
National MSME Summit 2015

20 September 2015

Press Briefing by Dir. Jerry Clavesillas,
Program Manager, Bureau of Small and
Medium Enterprise Development-DTI
Iloilo Convention (ICon) Center (Establishing Shot)