Jakarta, Indonesia
September 7, 2023

“Allow me also to begin by thanking India for supporting ASEAN during the last Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Meeting where India stood in solidarity with ASEAN, especially on our call to factually update paragraphs on the South China Sea in the NAM Ministerial Outcome Document,” said President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. at the 20th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) – India Summit, attended by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with ASEAN Leaders, at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The President recognized India’s significant influence in the region and its efforts in promoting the rule of law.

“ASEAN and India share a common vision for the Indo-pacific region. We both envision a progressive Indo-pacific that encompasses maritime cooperation to ensure a sustainable use of maritime resources, particularly in tackling illegal and unreported and unregulated fishing, promoting the blue economy and mitigating maritime pollution, among other issues,” he remarked.

President Marcos Jr. expressed his gratitude to India for co-hosting the ASEAN-India Maritime Exercise 2023, which serves as a testament to how the ASEAN and a Comprehensive Strategic Partner can promote an “open, inclusive, balanced, transparent and rules-based regional architecture.”

He also congratulated the ASEAN and India on the swift implementation of the action lines of the Plan of Action (POA) 2021-2025, which guides cooperation among the ASEAN Member Countries “across all pillars of the ASEAN Community.”

In closing, the Chief Executive assured the ASEAN and India that the Philippines is preparing negotiations for the Plan of Action’s successor document, taking on the role as the next country coordinator for ASEAN-India relations.

“As the next country coordinator for ASEAN-India relations, we stand ready to shepherd this document,” he concluded.