Ceremonial Hall, Malacañan Palace
November 22, 2022

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. commended the local government units (LGUs) in their pursuit of good governance for their communities as he led the 2022 Galing Pook Awards at the Ceremonial Hall in Malacañan Palace.

“With these noble endeavors, you are definitely creating positive changes in our country,” conveyed the President, as he encouraged the LGUs to continue their programs and advocacies to inspire other localities in introducing innovative practices that are geared towards improving the lives of their constituents.

He lauded the Galing Pook Foundation for its efforts in promoting excellence and innovations in local governance by recognizing and incentivizing top performing LGUs.

The Galing Pook Foundation is the leading resource institution that provides support, tools and resources to localities to enable them in building adaptive solutions to challenges in their respective communities. Through the Galing Pook Awards, local governance programs are given recognition based on positive results and impact, promotion of people empowerment and participation, innovation, transferability and sustainability, and efficiency of program service delivery.

“The recognition that you give to cities and municipalities inspires them to accelerate their drive towards greater improvement and encourages LGUs to adopt practices that make us paragons of excellence in public service,” the Chief Executive said, expressing further his hopes for the Galing Pook Foundation to continue developing the knowledge of local chief executives and facilitating the exchange of best practices that foster development in localities.

Moving forward, he called on the LGUs to take this occasion as a reminder that it is the track record that speaks for performance. He expressed his hopes for them to remain consistent and persevering in their endeavors.

“Be assured that this Administration will support our LGUs, as your role in the government is significant to our nation-building initiatives,” President Marcos Jr. said.

“With the Galing Pook and our LGUs there leading the way, I am certain we will not only achieve this goal, but we will rise from the rubble of challenges of recent years, emerge stronger, wiser, and more successful as a Filipino nation,” he ended in his message.

*  *  *