Diamond Hotel, City of Manila
June 21, 2023

“This Summit is an opportune time for all of us here to collaborate and share your wisdom and experiences to improve our soil and boost agricultural productivity, all while promoting sustainability and environmental protection,” President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. underscored as he vowed to boost the government’s strategies in ensuring the proper use and management of the country’s soil resources during the first ever National Soil Health Summit.

As concurrent Secretary of the Department of Agriculture (DA), the President highlighted the Administration’s 5-point priority agenda on soil and water management that promotes the sustainable use of soil, address land degradation and enhance crop productivity for the benefit of future generations.

These include the National Soil Health Program, the Implementation of Sustainable Land Management, the Philippine Soil Land Resources Information Program, the Water Security for Climate Resilient Rainwater Technologies and the Cloud Seeding Operations for Agriculture, among others.

“We recognize that strengthening our agriculture industry requires a cohesive, overall approach, especially if we want to address the systematic and perennial ills in the sector,” the President said, vowing to continue empowering the Bureau of Soils and Water Management to achieve these goals through capacitating soil laboratories across the nation to yield better data.

President Marcos Jr. urged for continuous cooperation from all sectors to strengthen the country’s soil resources, noting its pivotal role in nation building and uplifting the lives of the Filipino people.

*  *  *