Philippine Navy Headquarters, Roxas Boulevard, City of Manila
May 26, 2023

“As we celebrate the Philippine Navy’s 125th anniversary, we pay tribute to the institution and the men and women behind it, both uniformed and civilian, for they have continued the noble cause of defending the Republic’s sovereignty and keeping the peace,” conveyed President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. as he acknowledged the accomplishments of the Philippine Navy (PN) for over 125 years, noting its efforts in securing the archipelago particularly in the Batanes and Kalayaan Islands, the Philippine Rise and the West Philippine Sea.

“Considering the changing tides of our national security, and the significant gains that we have made in terms of internal security, our Armed Forces is working to recalibrate its focus more towards external defense of our borders,” the Commander-in-Chief remarked, adding that in this crucial transition, full support for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) must be guaranteed, especially for the PN’s priority goals to enhance its intelligence, defense and coordinative capabilities.

During the event, two (2) vessels were commissioned namely, the BRP Domingo Deluana (PG905) and the BRP Gener Tinangag (PG903). To this end, he underscored that the government is taking significant strides towards the completion of the AFP Modernization Program, especially Horizon 3 which is dedicated for the naval aspect of the country’s military operations.

“This endeavor will pave the way for the holistic transformation of our AFP into a stronger, modern and formidable organization. By then, the AFP will be more effective in its military aims and more responsive to our national goals,” President Marcos Jr. said.

“As it sails on towards the next century, the Philippine Navy remains ever relevant in our nation building, and continue to be indispensable to the attainment of the aspiration of a more comfortable and secure way of life for all Filipinos,” he continued, expressing further the Administration’s commitment to not only improve the Armed Forces, but to improve the individual welfare of the country’s naval forces as well as their families and loved ones.

Exactly a week ago, President Marcos Jr. joined Vice Admiral Toribio Adaci Jr., PN Flag Officer-in-Command, as the Navy exhibited its anti-air warfare capabilities in a live demonstration off the coast of San Antonio, Zambales. The major event was a prelude of today’s celebration that represented a great stride in the PN’s resolve to better protect the country’s seas and secure the Filipino people.

With the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Modernization Program, the PN is poised to steadily modernize and improve its capabilities.

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