Manila Polo Club, Makati
26 June 2014

“This is what must unite all those in the legal profession: a firm resolve to uphold both the spirit and the letter of the law, towards serving your fellowmen”, said President Benigno S. Aquino III as he graced the celebration of the 123rd Anniversary of the Philippine Bar Association in Makati City.

In his speech, the President underscored before his audience the complexities in searching for justice and truth and in upholding the law. Despite these convolutions, he expressed his confidence that the members of the Philippine Bar Association “have the integrity and the discernment it takes to choose the path of truth and justice” in choosing a decision that redounds to the common good.

He acknowledged the association for its longstanding tradition of upholding and safeguarding the rule of law especially during the Martial Law era and the People Power Revolution. He further recognized PBA in taking a lead role in questioning the midnight appointments of his predecessor.

“Whether as lawyers today, or as judges and justices, each time you make a decision that redounds to the benefit of all –each time you choose the straight path, you are not only living up to the oath you swore when you were admitted to the Bar, you are also and more importantly helping to build a more just, a more fair society,” he stated.

PBA President Atty. Beda Fajardo earlier presented a resolution that contains the association’s expression of support and solidarity to President Aquino’s administration efforts to eliminate graft and corruption in the bureaucracy.

*  *  *