PSG Grandstand, Malacañang Park, Manila
June 26, 2019

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte recognized the unwavering commitment of the Presidential Security Group (PSG) for the presidency as he joined them in celebrating their 122nd anniversary at the PSG Grandstand in Malacañang Park, City of Manila.

“The organization’s notable contributions, not only to the Office of the President, but also to the communities around Malacañang Complex, will be written in the annals of this institution’s long history,” President Duterte said in his speech.

The Commander-in-Chief also acknowledged the agencies, corporations, and personalities who have served as the PSG’s partners in its activities and programs.

During the celebration, President Duterte witnessed the conferment of plaques of recognition led by Department of National Defense (DND) Secretary Delfin Lorenzana and PSG Group Commander Brigadier General Jose Eriel Niembra to the PSG’s best officers, personnel and stag, as well as partner agencies and personalities for 2019.

“May today’s awardees inspire our troops and the entire organization to embody the highest standards in government service,” he added.

The President also received a miniature doll of him delivering a speech in the podium with a bulletproof glass.

“I count on your steadfast commitment to protect this institution to the best of your abilities. As we look forward to another productive year ahead, I am confident that through your professionalism, integrity and courage, we can further serve our people during the remaining half of the presidency,” he stressed before the invited government officials, PSG officers, troopers, their dependents, and the group’s civilian personnel present in the event.

* * *