Port Area, City of Manila
October 17, 2023

“Let me first offer my profound appreciation on behalf of a grateful nation to the PCG for providing steadfast service and dedication to duty during times of calamity; for upholding our country’s maritime security and promoting our maritime rights; for fighting against the entry of smuggled goods; for protecting our marine environment and for securing the safety of our fisherfolk as they pursue their means of livelihood,” said President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. as he led the 122nd Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Founding Anniversary in Port Area, Manila.

In his keynote address, the President expressed deep appreciation for the PCG’s continued promotion and protection of the country’s sovereignty, as well as its efforts in ensuring the rights of all Filipino fisherfolks.

“Suffice to say, your accomplishments in the performance of your duty have consistently championed our country and our people’s rights and welfare in the face of daunting adversity and difficulties. Despite all the challenges, the PCG unwaveringly answers the call of duty,” he conveyed.

Furthermore, President Marcos Jr. reaffirmed the Administration’s strong commitment to support the PCG in improving, expanding and modernizing its capabilities.

“Together, let us consolidate and harness our strengths to ensure that every Filipino can reap the gains of our endeavors as well as lead more productive and dignified lives,” he expressed.

“Let us sail together in unity and harmony towards a more empowered, progressive and sustainable future,” the Chief Executive ended in his message.

Bearing the theme, ‘PCG@122: Sailing Together in Unity and Harmony’, this year’s celebration encompasses the unwavering services of all PCG members in providing humanitarian support, rescue assistance and other public services beyond their traditional mandates. Above all, the event recognizes their important role as the country’s symbol of hope and source of national pride.

*  *  *