Port Area, Manila
October 19, 2022

“The Philippine Coast Guard has taken on many new duties. Critical of that is now, you are the frontline in the defense of our maritime territory, in defense of our economic zones, in defense of our baselines. Although these may have not been originally part of the mission of the Philippine Coast Guard, you have nonetheless been performing that mission with honor, with skill, with dedication. And we in the rest of the government counts on you to continue that good work,” said President Ferdinand R. Marcos in commending the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) as it celebrated its 121st Founding Anniversary at the Port Area in the City of Manila.

The Chief Executive received a report from Commandant Coast Guard Admiral Artemio Abu on the accomplishments of PCG in the past year highlighting the PCG’s efforts in responding to the needs of the Filipino citizenry by enhancing its functions on law enforcement, maritime safety and security, search and rescue, and marine environmental protection. Humanitarian missions have also been conducted especially in times of calamities and disasters such as the COVID-19 pandemic, typhoons and flash floods, among others.

“For 121 years, you have bravely performed maritime search and rescue operations, enforced maritime law, ensured maritime safety, maritime security, marine environmental protection, amongst others. It makes us very proud to see how far the Philippine Coast Guard has come as this country’s oldest and only humanitarian armed service since the inception of the Philippine Coast Guard in 1901,” the President stated in his keynote speech.

“Throughout your century-old narrative, you have never failed to heed the call of your fellow Filipinos, always in their time of need,” he continued.

The Commander-in-Chief conferred the awards to active and auxiliary members as well as the civilian workforce of PCG, including various shore-based, airborne and waterborne units that excelled in performing their mandate for the Filipino people.

Also during the program, President Marcos received a miniature of the Barko ng Pangulo ng Pilipinas (BRP) Gabriela Silang and took a tour of the first 83-meter offshore patrol vessel of PCG.

This year’s theme, ‘PCG@121: Committed to Go Beyond Towards Nation-Building’ encompassed the selfless efforts of all PCG members who are willing to offer their lives and sacrifice their personal goals in building and maintaining a safe maritime environment by ensuring the protection of Filipinos within and around the Philippine archipelago.

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